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Engagement Models

Choose the one that looks better to you

We, at Aromax Media, aim at developing long-term relationships with our clients and thus, offer best solutions through our attentive and clearly defined services. We offer several engagement models and you can choose any or a blend of these models as per your requirements. We understand that every project has its own requirements and our different engagements models are designed to maximize your satisfaction while reducing the co

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Fixed Price Model

The fixed price model is perfect for the projects whose requirements and scope is clearly defined. This model is considered as risk-free for both- the service provider and the client because the total cost and the timeline are fixed before the project starts. Along with the time and cost, the main objectives and deliverables for the project are also pre-defined. Such a pre-determination not only ensures on-budget and on-time delivery but also maintains good relations between both the parties.

Our fixed price model is perfect for all small or big projects provided that the requirements should be pre-defined. Here are some main features of this model:

  • The fixed price model has a clear and well-defined scope.
  • Billing in this model is done on the basis of the defined milestones.
  • There are little or no external dependencies and this makes the project straightforward.
  • In the case, any change is made in the scope, it is estimated separately and the budget needs to be approved from the customer side.

Hourly Price Model

The hourly price model is suitable for the projects that do not have a well-defined scope, requirements and implementation plans or which are assumed to undergo changes during any phase of the project development process. It is a pay-per-use model where the cost of the project depends on the time spent and resources utilized. And the payment in this model is done on an hourly basis.

This type of model offers enhanced flexibility to the clients as they can alter the project specifications in the ongoing project, as per the changing market trends. The hourly price model is a perfect fit for the complicated projects that have the possibility of frequent changes. Here are the main features of this project model:

  • It works perfectly for all-type all-size projects.
  • The billing is done bi-weekly and supporting timesheets are sent to the clients.
  • This model offers flexible options to improve cost optimization and refresh team.
  • The complexity of the project depends on the integration and dependency on the external resources.
  • The scope of hourly price model is defined tentatively and it evolves as the project move towards progress.

Want to discuss any requirements or looking for a quote?